How to Start eCommerce Business

Trade and commerce in this 21st century are very different from the old ages. The whole world is moving to the electronic commerce module, which

Beginners Guide to Build a WordPress Website

In this online world, you may need to build a website for your business, product, or portfolio. When you realize that you need a website,

Choose the right hosting provider

Choosing the right hosting provider and package can give proper satisfaction to you as well as your audience. Also, it can save money. Hosting providers

3 Common server errors and solutions

When a server could not establish a proper connection to process data, it shows errors. This includes- 404 not found, 400 Bad Request, 500 Internal

Secure your WordPress website

WordPress, the most popular content management system, is serving over 1.3 billion websites across the world. Though the core framework of this system is highly

How to set up temporary URL before pointing your DNS records?

Domain and Hosting is bridged using DNS records. If your Domain’s DNS is not set to your hosting, you will not be able to visit

How to install wordpress in few simple steps?

Login to cPanel > Go to Software > Click Site Software. Click on WordPress. Click on Show Advanced Configurations.Set your Installation URL. To install directly

How to connect email to iPhone mail app?

Click “Settings”. Click “Passwords & Accounts” Click “Add Accounts” Click “Others” Click “Add Mail Accounts” Fill up Name, Email, Password and Description. Fill up the

How to connect your email address via Outlook?

Open Windows Control Panel > Click “Mail” > Click “Email Address” Click “New”. Select “Manual setup or additional server types” and click “next”. Select POP

How to create personalized email address?

Before continuing on this article, please ensure that you have already subscribed for a web hosting plan and has accessed to the web hosting plan.