The work that you exhibit online is your property. You should care about it just as much as the car in your garage, the decoration in your garden, or the money in your wallet. However, that’s easier said than done. In the online world, your content is publicly available and prone to plagiarism. Here are a few things you can implement to stop people from stealing your online content.

Disable Right Click or Download Feature

One basic way of stopping people from copying your content is to disable right-click or disable the download feature on your online content. This method, however, has some drawbacks which you need to consider before you implement it. Disabling right-click on your website negatively impacts the usability of your website. It can be very frustrating for visitors to realize that they can’t right-click on your WebPages. Moreover, such an approach makes it hard for those users to use your content who are willing to credit you for your work. If you still find it worthwhile to disable right-click on your website, there are pretty simple HTML hacks to achieve this purpose.

Use Watermark

Using watermarks on your images and videos is a great way to ensure no one uses your content without having to credit you for it. Adding watermarks to one’s content used to be a skillful task in the past. However, there are many online tools available that can do it for you without you having to do any designing or coding.

Use Google Alerts

Google has been helping people fight plagiarism for many years now. It has come up with a feature called Google Alerts that is a must-have in today’s world. Setting up Google Alerts for your content is free. Once you’ve set it up, Google will notify you whenever it detects someone else using your content.

Once you’ve been notified of plagiarism, you can ask for the duplicate content to be taken down. Alternatively, you can also request the site owners to properly credit you for your work.

There is hardly any cure for content theft in the online world. What one can do is make it hard for people to steal their content. Using the above methods, you can give yourself the best shot at protecting your valuable content.

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