An email address is an identity. It gives you extra benefits and advantages when you are using a personalized one. This can allow you to improve marketing strategy, ensure personal branding, and obviously for smart communication. Why not you will use a personalized email when you are already paying? When you have purchased a domain name, it includes your email features.

People feel easier to contact when you own a personalized email address. It presents your identity more officially to the audience. Your clients and audiences will see your company name in every email. The more the will see, the more they will remember.

A personalized email address helps to achieve customers trust initially. It indicates that your business is organized and professional. From a business perspective, your first appearance to the clients should be the best. Here, a personalized email address is a must to represent your business decently.

Moreover, personalized email address ensures flexibility for staff management. It looks excellent when your staff members are using your company customized email addresses. Business communication will not become person-centered. It will remain your business-centered by using personalized email addresses. Communication will not be hampered for changing employee.

According to a survey on the US customers, 75 out of 100 people find personalized email address more reliable and trustworthy. It is true for other countries’ indeed.

Many people think that handling a personalized email address is difficult, but this is not true at all. It depends on the email hosting provider. Sometimes it’s easier than other third-party email service providers. Moreover, it’s possible to handle your personalized email address through renowned email service providers. There may need an extra charge, but numerous personalities are managing their personalized emails through third-party email service providers.

Furthermore, a personalized email address can give you a spam-free emailing experience. Free email services are the easiest target of spammers and hackers, where your custom email address is free from this hassle.

Most importantly, if your free email server goes offline or simply shut down their operation, you may lose your informations and attached files. This can occur without any warning. You may lose your data if you are not taking regular backup. On the other hand, when you are using a personalized email address, you have a definite agreement with your hosting provider. Still, regular backup is recommended for extra emphasis on your important data security.

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