Choosing the right hosting provider and package can give proper satisfaction to you as well as your audience. Also, it can save money. Hosting providers offer several plans to their clients. So, think about your content, visitors, and services before buying web hosting.


Which server would you prefer? Windows or Linux? Most of the websites are running by Linux bases web server, and it is easy to access. Now the question is, would you go for a shared server or dedicated one? This will depend on your demand. Small business or company websites run well in a shared server where some visitors can fluently access the website without any obstacle. But, if you are planning for something big, then choosing a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server would be the best choice. A large number of visitors would access the website easily.


Storage quality and capacity should be the first and foremost priority of choosing a hosting package. Your content will determine how much storage do you need. Two types of storage mostly available for web hosting. One is ‘Hard Disk Drive (HDD)’, and another one is ‘Solid-State Drive (SSD)’. For not having any moving parts, SSD is faster than HDD. In one sentence, SSD is lighter and consumes less process than hard drives. Choosing an SSD storage type based web server would be the best choice for your hosting plan.


Bandwidth is the rate of data transfer process of a server. A good amount of bandwidth capacity allows users to access the webpage within a short loading time. Bandwidth capacity depends on your webpage quality, content, and number of visitors. For a new website where contents and visitors are limited, it does not need to have a large bandwidth capacity. But, if your website contains high-quality graphics, images, video, audio and downloadable content, and if you have a significant number of visitors, then you need to be concern about your bandwidth capacity.


Uptime reliability is extremely important for a website. It means how long the server is accessible and operational. Uptime depends on server configuration and the machinery products that are used to build the server. A good uptime facility will provide uninterrupted services to your visitors. Ensuring 100% server uptime is almost impossible, but renowned hosting providers ensure 99% uptime service. Think about this before buying hosting services.


Backup is very essential for your server. Most of the hosting providers provide free monthly or weekly backup to their clients. For daily backup or to store the previous backup, clients need to pay extra money. It varies from provider to provider. But a paid backup service is highly recommended for a dynamic website, where information is stored regularly.


Security is the issue where any sort of apathy may lead your website to unexpected data compromise and interrupt your service. Not only this but also it may cause permanent damage to your data and website. A highly secure and updated web server is a must for your website.

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