IP stands for Internet Protocol. Every device, including mobile phone, computer, laptop, smart television or tablet that is connected to the internet, has it’s own IP address. Similarly, a web server has an IP address. In a shared hosting server, all hosted websites use the same IP address. On the other hand, assigning a dedicated IP to a website means getting a unique address that allows to access the website like a domain name.

IP address is associated with the Domain Name System (DNS). In one aspect, DNS is a huge address book that contains domain names and IP addresses systematically. When we request to load a webpage through URL, our internet service provider looks for IP addresses. Then it sends a request to the server. After that, the hosting server provides data according to that request.

Dedicated IP is for your use only. This is a solo component that is tied to your website. Some hosting companies offer free dedicated IP included their plans. But, in most of the cases, those plans are highly budgeted. Or, you need to purchase your dedicated IP.

Why Dedicated IP for your website?

Dedicated IP is needed for ensuring better features for and easy accessibility to your website. It will give you a direct File Transfer Protocol (FTP) feature to access your server remotely whenever you would like.

Moreover, some web applications need it as an initial requirement. Without a dedicated IP, those applications will not work out. Though most applications will run smoothly in a shared IP address, you will need a dedicated IP for specific purposes like online transactions.

Besides, a dedicated IP is required for SSL installation. It depends on your hosting configuration, but in most of the cases, you will need it. This enhances your data transmission protocol security as well.

Furthermore, a dedicated IP is very important for personalized email feature. When you are sharing an IP address with others, there are chances of being blacklisted for their mischiefs. In such cases, Your IP can be banned and this can affect your mail delivery process.

Apart from these, dedicated IP can slightly boost your search engine optimization performance. Dedicated IP processes server requests faster than those websites which are subjected to shared IP. This plays a role in SEO capability. Though it is not a notable affair, it makes the difference when the data is in a big volume.

Finally, this is important to know that, you don’t require a dedicated hosting for a dedicated IP. These are completely different things. Where a dedicated server is related to your hosting, a dedicated IP is subjected to DNS. You can use a dedicated IP to your shared web server without any obstacle.

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