WordPress, the most popular content management system, is serving over 1.3 billion websites across the world. Though the core framework of this system is highly secure and always monitored by their security team, there are many things to do for better security. This will help to save you from any unexpected compromise of your website data by hackers. Lets’ look forward to add extra security to your WordPress website.

Keep your WordPress updated

WordPress releases regular updates for its content management system. Using an updated version of WordPress will give you extra features as well as security patches. Using an old version of WordPress may cause unexpected errors and the security vulnerability of your website.

Use a backup plugin

A backup plugin is highly recommended for your website. Several plugins are available by many developers in WordPress. Go to plugin options and search a high rated backup plugin for your website. This will take regular backup on a regular interval basis.

Think before using third-party theme or plugin

Always try to use the official theme and plugin for your WordPress website. If you need to use any third-party theme or plugin, please make sure the theme or plugin does not compromise in its security measures. We strongly recommend you not to use any nulled version of a premium theme or plugin. Nulled scripts may contain malicious code that is a major security threat to your website.

Limit flase login attempts

The best way of making safe your website from a brute-force attack is to limit your login attempts. Hackers try to break your password by trying different combinations of passwords. Using a strong password is always advised indeed. ‘Limit login attempt’ feature will limit the false login attempt of your website. There are several plugins available for this. Or, a web application firewall will take care of it automatically.

Make wp-admin folder password protected

WordPress admin portal functions via wp-admin directory. This is a secured portal of its own. Only site admin and authorized users can access this. For applying second level security, you may add an extra password to the entire wp-admin directory from cPanel. Remember, WordPress login deals with databases, but this directory password protectin is related to cPanel. Even though your database is being compromised, hackers would not allow to access the admin portal without that directory password.

Disable directory browsing

Directory browsing allows hackers to know the name, type, size of files. It will give an advantage to gain information from those files. This may give the necessary opportunity for finding vulnerabilities to exploit your website. Indexing all directory can save you from this. You can easily make indexes for all directories from .htaccess. Simply add Options -Indexes command to .htaccess file and it will take care of your directory.

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