How to Protect Your Content From Plagiarism

The work that you exhibit online is your property. You should care about it just as much as the car in your garage, the decoration

A Short Guide to ‘Call to Action’

The outlook of your website plays an important role in its success. Website elements like call to action buttons or contact forms, when placed correctly

Free vs Paid SSL Certificate

What is an SSL Certificate? An SSL certificate primarily establishes a secure link between the client and the server. When you send data over the

3 Must Have SEO Tools for Online Success

3 Must-Have SEO Tools for Online Success Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is one of the most important aspects of your website. It

Choose the right hosting provider

Choosing the right hosting provider and package can give proper satisfaction to you as well as your audience. Also, it can save money. Hosting providers

Importance of regular backup, how to perform it?

Backup is a regular process to keep your website safe from any unfortunate incident. The basic idea is very similar to a computer file backup

What is a cPanel and Why do I Need One?

When you buy a hosting account to host your own website, you need a portal to manage all the services that it offers. These services

3 Common server errors and solutions

When a server could not establish a proper connection to process data, it shows errors. This includes- 404 not found, 400 Bad Request, 500 Internal

What is IP? Benefits of dedicated IP hosting

IP stands for Internet Protocol. Every device, including mobile phone, computer, laptop, smart television or tablet that is connected to the internet, has it’s own