Forbes publish6ed, ‘On average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day’. They have also mentioned, a huge percentage of websites among these fall in danger due to pirated applications. Mostly these are small business websites. The unwillingness of using the genuine copy of the application is the main reason for it. There have other reasons like coding error, weak password, and server misconfiguration as well.

Now, are you searching for a pirated web application? Stop and think twice before using pirated or nulled copy of any web application. It may create a serious security threat for your website. Your website can be affected by malware. We strongly recommend not to use any pirated or nulled script by any means.

Premium web applications by renowned companies offer premium services, and you need to purchase those by money. They monitor security measures and release updates regularly to ensure your website security. When you are using any pirated copy, you will miss their updates. Any backdated application is always a good target of hackers.

Almost every premium application issues a unique serial key for each customer. It is valid for one user/website only, or it depends on providers plans and offers. However, Someone might find a way to modify the script so that it could be used on multiple websites. Firstly, this is unethical and unlawful. Secondly, there have possibilities that the person who has cracked this can inject malicious code or backdoor into the application. This will put your website in danger.

Furthermore, An application without a regular update is like a flowless river. Most developers issue frequent updates. They improve application interface, add features, and patch security bugs. Using pirated applications means being limited and make yourself an easy target of hackers.

Premium applications and services require money. If you want to cut costs, you may try free or opensource applications. But using pirated applications and scripts means you are taking poison knowingly. Be aware of it.

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