With our systematic approach, transferring Domain and Hosting over to Sudonode can be very easy. If you are looking at transferring both your hosting and domain over to Sudonode, the sequential of what transfer first is key to avoid a blocker. We do not want to meet a situation that we have to wait for another process to complete before we can move on to the next step while the web and email uptime is at stake. There are 2 specific migration sequences, we can adopt. The option we take is depending on your current hosting and domain status such as expiry dates, domain control level you have and what comfortable time for disruption for migration to take place. We will proceed to explain 2 options below so that you will know whats best for your situation.

Domain Transfer > Hosting Transfer > Change Name servers

Once domain transfer is initiated, the domain will fall into the “pending transfer” status. Domain transfer takes 7-10 days to complete. The domain will longer expired on the said date even if the domain transfer is not complete.

After transferring a hosting, we need to either change domain nameservers or DNS to link the domain to the new hosting. If a domain transfer is still on “pending transfer”, nameservers cannot be changed, and the linking is not possible. DNS changes is tie to external hosting expiry, so even though we can do DNS change to link the domain to the new hosting, if the external hosting expires before the domain transfer completes, it will be down, so this linking is helpful only an extent.

Hosting Transfer > Change Name servers > Domain Transfer

If we transfer the hosting first, this means we will need domain control panel provided by the external hosting provider. Once name servers have been changed after the hosting is migrated, domain transfer can be initiated. Once domain transfer is successfully initiated, there is no action needed but wait for the domain transfer to complete. The domain transfer have a 99% success rate as long as the initiation is done.

If the domain registry do not offer that, name servers cannot be changed, therefore linking is not possible. The only way is to perform the domain transfer first before hosting transfer.

Now you are equipped with the essential knowledge, and you are ready to sign up a singapore web hosting package now.

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