Think before using pirated or nulled scripts

Forbes publish6ed, ‘On average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day’. They have also mentioned, a huge percentage of websites among these fall in danger

What is DNS? how does it work?

Domain Name Server (DNS) is a decentralized navigation protocol which allows us to access websites. It works like a directory that matches names with numbers.

Advantages of using cloud server 

Cloud server is a centralized highly powerful virtual or physical server that works like other servers in application or information processing. It divides a physical

Common types of hosting storage: HDD vs SSD

Mainly there are two different types of storage mostly used in hosting services. Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD) both are technically

How to set up temporary URL before pointing your DNS records?

Domain and Hosting is bridged using DNS records. If your Domain’s DNS is not set to your hosting, you will not be able to visit

How to install wordpress in few simple steps?

Login to cPanel > Go to Software > Click Site Software. Click on WordPress. Click on Show Advanced Configurations.Set your Installation URL. To install directly

How to connect email to iPhone mail app?

Click “Settings”. Click “Passwords & Accounts” Click “Add Accounts” Click “Others” Click “Add Mail Accounts” Fill up Name, Email, Password and Description. Fill up the

How to connect your email address via Outlook?

Open Windows Control Panel > Click “Mail” > Click “Email Address” Click “New”. Select “Manual setup or additional server types” and click “next”. Select POP

How to create personalized email address?

Before continuing on this article, please ensure that you have already subscribed for a web hosting plan and has accessed to the web hosting plan.

Steps to start a domain name and web hosting

Visit via your browser. Click on Domain Registrations. Search for domain availability. Click “Buy Now” when the domain you want is available. Click ”